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Blush and Bronzer

Get ready to brush up on your blush and bronzer skills. While the two have different purposes, they always win gold in the beauty bag essentials category. Whether you're hoping for a sunkissed glow, a natural-looking flush or an extra rosy-cheeked look, Maybelline has every shade and formula of blush and bronzer you need to work with your individual skin tone. Turn heads or channel a subtle look with our collection of blushes and bronzers. You've got this.


While blush and bronzer often work in tandem, they help your blank canvas achieve different looks. Available in powder and cream formulations, blush is intended to brighten up your cheekbones, give a healthy glow and even contour the face. Available in liquid, cream or powder, bronzer's role is to add warmth to the skin and it's typically applied where the sun would naturally hit the face. While some beauty lovers only use one or the other, others find that the best colour and definition comes from applying blush and bronzer together, which helps to achieve a natural-looking finish. This is another reason why the two are considered makeup staples.

Maybelline has a wide range of shades and formulas to suit your individual skin tone and your makeup needs. From our long lasting and lightweight Fit Me® Blush powder to our cocoa fragrance-infused City Bronzer (which also acts as a contour powder), get that sunkissed or rosy-cheeked glow with our collection of blushes and bronzers.

There are a few tricks and techniques to help your brush and bronzer last the day or night. It doesn't matter if your skin is naturally oily or dry – that long-lasting glow is always in reach. First, always cleanse and moisturise the face. Next, use a primer to ceate a smooth surface for the rest of your makeup products. Then, apply your foundation (and if you can, use a liquid foundation). This is a popular choice as it create a dewy effect, making it perfect for your blush or bronzer to blend into and showcasing the colour more effectively on those cheeks of yours. In the case of blush, you can also layer your formulas. For example, instead of using a translucent powder, you could layer a cream blush underneath a powder blush. Just don't use too much ... we've all been there! Finally, lock in your good looks with setting spray. Your perfect blush or bronzer look is now complete.