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Whether you are looking for matte perfection from a setting powder, or a smooth finish from a translucent powder, Maybelline has the best face powder makeup to control shine, smooth skin, and finish that face! Explore our range of makeup powder for a light complexion coverage or to hold your makeup in place for longer wear.

    Superstay 24H Hybrid Powder Foundation, up to 24H of medium full coverage. Soft matte finish, weightless feel.


    Superstay 24H Hybrid Powder Foundation


A face powder is a type of face makeup that is applied on skin to help absorb excess oil, mattify the skin and/or smooth lines and pores. They can come as a loose powder or in a pressed powder form. Makeup powders help create an almost blurring effect for the skin due to the fineness of the powder.  A face powder can be worn on top of makeup such as foundation or bb cream. It can also be worn on it's own for a poreless and natural looking finish.  Unlike a face powder that can be worn alone and can be pigmented (such as our Fit Me Matte + Poreless Powder), a setting powder is usually translucent and can help to set the makeup in place so it does not budge and stays on all day (like our Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder). It has the same purpose as a setting spray that is used to extend makeup longevity and can be layered on top of makeup many times throughout the day. When applying makeup powder, firstly ensure your face is cleansed and moisturised if wearing it alone. If you are wearing makeup, ensure that your foundation is applied evenly. To begin, use a face brush or a sponge and dip/pat into the powder. Make sure to choose a colour that closely matches your skin and/or foundation shade, or simply use a translucent powder. Tap any loose product on the side of the container and then apply to the face, focusing on the t-zone area. Blend all over using gentle downward strokes. Makeup powders give coverage to the face and can be either tinted or translucent. The benefit of using a face powder is that it enhances your makeup by removing shine, adding colour and adding pore blurring effects. If you have oily skin, face powders are a great mattifier and if you have fine lines, it also helps reduce their appearance. Face powder also is a great base for other makeup products such as contour and highlight, as well as blush and bronzer as they will last longer when face powder is in the mix. Face powders can be used everyday alongside your daily makeup routine or on top of bare skin. However, when it comes to any makeup product, we do recommend to remove it properly when washing your face. Firstly, use a makeup remover to remove all traces of makeup and then use a face cleanser to further remove dirt and impurities, helping to prevent breakouts.