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Eye Shadow

Catwalk-bold colors. Understated neutrals in classic shades. Subtle shimmer, or dark edgy smokes. It's all in the eyes - choose from our eyeshadow palettes and single eyeshadows. Use our smokey eyeshadows to create your statement eye look. Our Virtual Try On tool allows you to pick your shade for the ultimate eyeshadow makeup anytime, anywhere!


Firstly, prepare the eyeshadow colours needed for the eye look you're going for. To begin, pick a neutral colour and use an eyeshadow brush to sweep all over your lids. You then want to define the crease with something that complements the initial colour that was put on. Blend these two colours together. For the outer corner of your eyes, apply an even darker eyeshadow shade to create a 'V' shape. Next, apply a bit of highlight in the centre and in your inner eye to complete the look! Check out our guide to applying eyeshadow for beginners for tips and tricks! Unlike typical eyeshadow makeup that comes in a powder form, a cream eyeshadow is thicker in texture. This means that cream eyeshadow can be applied with your finger tips. Use your clean ring finger to pick up the pigment and gently smooth it over the lids. Cream shadows can be worn on its own, however, if you want to apply multiple layers or eyeshadow colours, we recommend applying a powder eyeshadow with a brush along the crease.  Eyeshadow primer is a cream or liquid based product that can be applied before eyeshadow. It's intended purpose is to prime the eyelids so that eyeshadow can be applied more smoothly and evenly. It can also help even out skin tone on the lids as skin tone can make it difficult for some colours to pop. We therefore recommend using an eyeshadow primer as it will allow the eyeshadow makeup to grip onto your skin while enhancing the colours on your eyelids. The most efficient way to remove eyeshadow makeup is to apply a small amount of eye makeup remover onto a cotton pad or cloth and gently sweep it over the lids. Make sure to use different sides of the cotton or cloth so all pigment is removed from the eyelids. You can then wash your face alongside any other makeup that was worn, this ensures that remaining product or impurities are further removed. There are many brushes that can be used to apply eyeshadow makeup, typically in different areas of the eye or if you want a more detailed look. The most essential eyeshadow brush we recommend is an all over eyeshadow brush that is fluffy and picks up pigment whilst blending. A eyeshadow crease brush is slightly denser and is also recommended to pack in colour for a bolder look. If you like to highlight the inner corners of your eyes or smoke out the lower lash line, then adding a short eyeshadow brush into your collection would also be recommended.