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With the many types of eye makeup out there today, we understand that choosing the best eye makeup for your desired look that also suits your unique eye shape can be a challenge. Maybelline has all the tools for you to create the best ways to make your eyes pop, whether you're looking for modest daytime eye makeup to wear everyday or to create a dramatic smokey eye look for your night out. No matter which eye makeup product or desired look you're going for, prepare to be spoilt for choices with our wide range of colours, textures, and finishes that Maybelline has to offer. Browse our full range of eye makeup ranging from brows, eyeliners, eyeshadow, and mascaras. Try our Virtual Try On tool to help you make all the tough decisions around the best eye makeup for you!



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There is a plethora of eye makeup in the current market - all of which helps to create distinct looks and effects around the eye area. The common types of eye makeup include brow liners, eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascara and more. Brow liners come in the form of a gel, powder, pen, pencil or stick - all of which intends to tint and shape eyebrows - and typically come in black or brown shades. Eyeshadows are usually loose or pressed powder, or can have baked or cream formulas - with finishes such as matte, shimmer, satin, and glitter. For eyeliners, there are liquid or gel formulas which come in the form of a pen, pencil, or brush method of application. Lastly, mascaras are designed to have various lash effects which normally include lengthening, volumising or curling, in either washable or waterproof formulas. Start with the first layer of your eye makeup that is the primer - choose from matte or dewy finishes depending on whether you have oily or dry skin type. While primers are not absolutely necessary, it can help provide a long-lasting effect with your eyeshadow so you can maintain your eye looks throughout the day/night. To apply a primer, use your finger to gently spread a layer across your eyelids and below your brows, as well as on the lower lash lines. After applying the primer, follow with your eyeshadow as usual. To complete any eye look, eyeliners and mascaras are recommended to help define and enhance your whole look. To achieve a simple eye makeup look, choose natural and matte shades for your foundation and concealer to blend into your natural skin tone. Once your base is complete, apply an eyeshadow of your choice on your eyelids, while avoiding too many layers to maintain a more subtle shade. Typically, bronze shades go well with fair skin, while reds and purples enhance medium to dark skin tones. The trick to making your eyes look bigger is to define your creases by blending in an eyeshadow which is one shade darker than your base eyeshadow. Next, follow with an eyeliner to lightly line and define your eye shape. Opt to use a highlighter for added definition as it brightens up the area around your brow bones and inner eyes. Complete your simple eye look with a mascara to lengthen and volumise your lashes. Finally, use a brow liner as the last step to frame your eyes and define your features.