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Never be afraid to show your true colours. Make your lip look go BOLD with Maybelline's gloss and matte lipstick and lip colours in gloss or matte finishes. Electrify in red lipstick shades, or stun the scene in an elegant nude lip colour. Maybelline's range of lipsticks and lip colour has everything you need to create custom lip looks that last all day and go all night, whether you're rocking the classic pink lipstick look or a bold purple lip colour. Use our virtual try on makeup technology to get your best lipstick shade!


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There are no firm rules for lipstick and lip colours, you can experiment and be playful with the lipstick shades you choose. However, if you're looking to follow a guide, generally it's best to know whether you have a warm, cool or neutral skin tone and match them to a corresponding shade. Try on Maybelline lipsticks virtually to get a live demonstration of what the different lipstick shades will look on you. Lipsticks can be categorised into different textures or formats such as liquid lipsticks, cream lipsticks, lip crayons, or lip liners. Lipsticks also can be defined by its finish or look such as high gloss, matte, and satin. There is long-lasting lipsticks, designed for longwear use.  There are different ways to apply lipstick for different looks and it will depend on the type of lipstick you are using. If wanting a classic bold colour, a good technique is to begin with lining the lips with a lip liner. This creates a border to help you from straying outside the lines. Next, use the pencil to fill in the lip to create a base which helps the lipstick product to stay on the lip for longer lasting colour. Lastly, apply the lipstick directly onto the lip, beginning in the middle and working the lip colour to the outer edges. Optional: finish the look with a lip gloss for extra shimmer. The Maybelline Superstay Lipstick has been designed for extra long wear lip colour and does not budge once applied. However, if you want to remove this longwear lipstick, all you need is the Maybelline Superstay Lip Colour Remover which takes away the product with ease. Read more on removing long-lasting lipstick without scrubbing. Generally, lighter lip colours make the lips look bigger. Choose nude lipstick tones, lighter colours to create the appearance of larger lips. There are also different techniques that can be used to overline and create the illusion of fuller-looking lips.  There are no strict rules when matching a lipstick colour for an outfit - be playful with your options by mixing and matching different combinations. However, these are some tips to create flawless lipstick-and-outfit combinations every time.
1. Nude lipstick is always safe with any outfit.
2. Match your lipstick to the colours in your outfit.
3. Choose a contrasting lip colour to your clothing, for example: orange against blue, red and green, yellow and purple.


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