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Lip makeup

Lipstick has the power to make or break a makeup look. It can elevate our everyday makeup, it can boost our confidence, it can even signify our mood, i.e., playful, daring or moody. The easiest way to bring new makeup ideas to fruition is with lipstick! In these lip makeup guides, you can learn how to pick lipstick colour that's right for your skin tone – from nude shades to a bold red lip. We’ve even got the key to long lasting colour as well as lip makeup tips for removal that involve zero scrubbing! If you’ve been hesitant to experiment with lipstick, these lip makeup tutorials are the final push you need to elevate your future beauty looks.

  • Choosing the right lipstick for you comes down to a few factors. First of all, you can decide which formula you prefer: cream, liquid, lip stain, or you might be a lip gloss lover at heart. Your cream lipsticks also come in satin, matte or high-shine finishes. Experiment with the texture and finish you like best and then you can narrow down your colour choices.

    When it comes to choosing your perfect, complementary lip shades, it helps to know you what your skin undertone is: warm, cool or neutral. Warm tones tend to be enhanced by orange (that applies to orange-toned red lipsticks too) and terracotta. On the other hand, cool tones are better suited to lip colours with corresponding blue and purple tones. As for neutral tones, you can pretty much pull off any shade – from light nudes to deep plum hues. Have fun with it!

    If you’re at a loss and not sure which lip colour will look best with your skin tone and undertone, use our virtual try-on tool.

    Making sure your lips are well-exfoliated and moisturised is the first step in keeping your lipstick from bleeding throughout the day. Your next ultimate defence against lip bleeding is to invest in a lip liner. Line your lips with lip liner before filling in with your choice of lipstick to help prevent feathering. You might also consider blotting your lips and applying a loose setting powder, followed by a setting spray. This will help keep your lip colour locked in place all-day-long.

    Some lipstick or lip stain formulas can seem impossible to get off – the last thing you want when your bed is calling out your name after a long day. Scrubbing with an abrasive cloth or towel can irritate and dry out the lips, so removing lipstick requires a gentle touch. Micellar water or an oil-based cleanser are great options for lipstick removal. A cotton or clean re-usable makeup pad often works best since they’re non-abrasive and won’t cling to the lips. If you’re in a jam, petroleum jelly is a great alternative to help melt away lipstick residue.