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Line it up to knock 'em dead. Maybelline precise and long-lasting lip liners and lip pencils provide a perfect start to your lip look. Line the edges or colour in your entire pout in nudes, pinks, reds, and plums with our Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner. Simply use the Live 'Try It On' feature to find a lip liner pencil that matches your lipstick!


Before applying a lip liner, we recommend exfoliating the lips for a smooth application. This prevents patches of flakiness that is typically common for lips that are dry. Next, apply a lip balm and blot the excess before using a lip liner. This will help keep the lips hydrated throughout the day. For extra hydration, a lip mask can also be used the night before for extra nourishment and light exfoliation. Begin by looking at the shape of your lips and the areas you want to enhance or line over. Then subtly trace your lips with the lip pencil, following the natural shape of your lips. If you happen to overline your lips, remove this with your fingertips and start again. A concealer on a small angled brush can also be used to help give your lips a more defined look. If you want to achieve fuller looking lips then carefully overlining your lips with a lip liner would be the way enhance this. To begin, slowly glide the lip pencil just above the natural shape of your upper lips and slightly lower than your bottom lips. Do this carefully and precisely. You then want to slowly blend and fill out towards the centre of your lip to avoid harsh lines. Then fill in your lips with a lipstick, going over your natural lip shape towards the lined look you have done. A concealer can also be used to help clean the lines. Also for a more enhanced lip look, apply a lip gloss over the lips for a plumping effect. Read our guide to achieve fuller lips here. A lip liner helps define the shape of your lips while also minimising any blotchiness that can happen when just applying lipstick. Lip liner creates an even tone and creates a cleaner look. It also prevents blending into the fine lines around your mouth or towards your skin. Lip liner in conjunction with a lipstick creates bolder and long-lasting colour which completes a makeup look. So whether you like your lips with a natural coloured lip liner or a more bold lip liner, you will have a more defined and vivid lip makeup. Before applying a lip liner, it is important to ensure that the colour you chose matches the shade of the lipstick you have. This will prevent the colours from clashing or not blending seamlessly. Therefore, choosing a lip pencil in the same colour family will be essential for creating a seamless lip look. However, if you want a more dramatic and sexy lip, going two shades darker than your lipstick in same colour family will also help you achieve this.