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Make up make change

Maybelline New York is committed to making impactful change and driving the industry to make progress. Makeup Make Change is our social impact platform which consist of two key focuses: Brave Together and Greener Together. These two initiatives reinforce Maybelline’s commitment to social change and a more eco-conscious future.

Partnered with ReachOut, the crux of Maybelline’s Brave Together initiative is to face anxiety and depression head-on by learning the ‘brave talk’. By initiating conversations with people who are struggling, you can begin to get through to your loved ones and offer the support they need. This starts with learning the five BRAVE steps: be present, find the right setting to talk, ask questions, validate their feelings and show support, and finally, encourage them to seek out professional resources and support.

Through Their Eyes is part of our shared Brave Together initiative with ReachOut, bringing awareness to and take action against online abuse targeted at female-identifying gamers. A recent national Australian survey indicated that 83% of female-identifying gamers have experienced offensive behaviour online. The result? Most choosing to switch off their microphones and cameras to protect their true identity. Nobody should have to face abuse or distress online, so Through Their Eyes aims to give female-identifying gamers the space to be true to themselves while doing what they love.

Maybelline is aware that the beauty industry needs a big green overhaul, which is why they’re spearheading the Greener Together initiative. Did you know that makeup empties can’t go in traditional kerbside recycling bins? The equivalent if 127 garbage trucks of makeup recycling waste goes to Australian landfill each year. This staggering statistic isn’t good enough anymore, so Maybelline has teamed up with Priceline to make the commitment to clean up our side of the beauty industry.

In addition to empowering people to be their truest selves, Maybelline also wants to help direct real social and environmental changes. The Makeup Make Change is about evolving our social and environmental awareness to leave the planet – and its people – better off than we found it. Maybelline’s Makeup Make Change consists of three key focuses: Brave Together, Greener Together and Through Their Eyes. Brave together is contingent on destigmatising discussions around mental health so that we can seek out any necessary professional resources and support without judgement. Greener Together is Maybelline’s recycling initiative to curb unnecessary waste in the beauty industry. Maybelline and Priceline aim to divert 10 tonnes of makeup products away from Australian landfill in the next three years. You can now bring your empty makeup products (from ANY makeup brand) to your local Priceline where they will be recycled and Maybelline will re-use them to produce other non-makeup products like in the future. To join the green revolution, simply empty your products first. And we don’t discriminate – we recycle it all! This includes glass bottles, pumps, caps and droppers, plastic tubes, bottles and containers, mascara tubes, wands and eyeliners, lip products, palettes and compacts!