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Achieve sleek and straight lines or perfect your smokey look with Maybelline's eyeliners in washable or waterproof formulas - our range of eyeliners has something for everyone. Discover Maybelline's smudge proof eyeliners and choose between eyeliners in gel, liquid or pencil form to achieve your desired eyeliner look. Whether you're looking for black eyeliners or brown eyeliners, now you can try on every type of eyeliner and colour using our Live 'Try It On' feature!


Here's our failsafe step-by-step guide to achieve the perfect wing


The main types of eyeliners are: 
1. Pencil eyeliner
2. Liquid eyeliner
3. Gel eyeliner
4. Long-wear eyeliner
5. Smokey eyeliner
6. Waterproof eyeliner
Each type of eyeliner requires different techniques for a unique shape. Choosing your type of eyeliner will come down to preference and the type of style you wish to execute.
To remove the eye liner correctly, use the Maybelline Eye Makeup Remover. Soak a cotton pad in the product and gently sweep across the eyelid, do not pull the skin around the eyes too strongly. It should gently pick up the product without irritating the delicate skin around the eyes. Choosing your eyeliner colour will ultimately come down to preference, there are no firm rules and eyeliner should be used for self-expression. However, if wanting to follow tips, choose contrasting or complementing colours for the iris. I.e. for blue eyes, either line the eyes with bright cobalt blue or brown.  All eyeliners are easy to apply once you have a bit of practice. However, the easiest type of eyeliner for a beginner is a pencil eyeliner, it has a smooth surface and can blend or smudge easily if any mistakes are made. The type of eyeliner will not be determined by the eye shape, but rather the type of eye look you are going for. If you want to achieve a smokey look, you may use eyeliner that is easily smudged. Alternatively, if wanting to create clean lines, choose a sharp liquid liner to achieve a polished look. Maybelline New York has a Virtual Try-On Tool to help you decide which eyeliner will suit your style, all from the comforts of your home. When wanting to tight-line eyeliner, not all types are suitable. The best type of eyeliner for tight-lining is a pencil, especially kohl-based and something with a soft tip. Tight-lining is when you apply the eyeliner to the waterline on the edge of the eyelids. Generally, you will want to apply eye shadow first and then finish the look with eyeliner, this keeps the lines sharp and bold for maximum impact. If applying eyeshadow after the eyeliner, it may cover the line and minimise its look. Yes, it is safe to put eyeliner on the waterline. Choose an eyeliner that doesn't have a pointed tip to avoid poking your eyeball and choose a waterproof eyeliner to avoid transfer into the eyes as much as possible. Yes, you can wear eyeliner after getting a lash lift procedure. It is recommended to wait 24 hours after the lift to avoid interfering with the treatment, however, seek advice from your beauty therapist after your lash lift. Yes, you can wear eyeliner with eyelash extensions! You might have to change the type of eyeliner, however, wearing eyeliner and lash extensions is no problem. You want to choose a liquid eyeliner or shadow-based liner as they do not interfere with the lash line. Try to avoid gel eyeliners, waterproof and oil-based eyeliners as they can impact the glue if used together often.