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Gaming should be a safe space for all to enjoy. But a recent national survey still revealed that 71% of male gamers who witness abuse whilst gaming ignore it.

Further research also revealed that 70% say this negatively impacts their experience with 55% stating it affects their self esteem. So Maybelline New York decided to use their platform and reach to remind gamers that under the avatar on their screen is someone's daughter, sibling, or friend.

Let's continue to change the game.

Call out abuse, because there is someone under that avatar.

Maybelline New York Under The Avatar

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Together we can create a safer, more inclusive, gaming world. The following tips and tricks are a great resource to reference and use as a guide for respectful gaming when playing online with others. Remember there is always someone under the avatar.

Be aware: Pay attention to what’s going on around you and don’t ignore it when you witness something that doesn’t feel right.

Voice your support: If you see somebody being abused make sure they know that you’re on their side. You could let them know you’ve reported the abuse and you’re there to chat if they need.

Speak Up: If you feel safe, calmly let the abuser know that what they’re doing is wrong. Sometimes this can be enough of a circuit-breaker to get somebody to stop and realise the impact of their actions. You can say something like, “Hey, there’s no need to talk to someone like that.” or a generalised comment like 'Let's keep the comments positive'.

Report it: Gaming platforms all have reporting functions and safety features that you can use to help out.

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On ‘International Day of Happiness’ (20th March), Maybelline New York are partnering with Livewire and Youthline to pair star gamers with counsellors in-game and on stream live on Twitch and YouTube. We are going Under the Avatar alongside star female gamers Nalopia, Aliythia, Berticuss, Develique and Qrissy to provide constructive tools to support gamers experiencing harassment and for other players to feel confident to take action against abuse, harassment or offensive behaviour. It’s all part of Maybelline’s ambition to create a safer, more inclusive gaming world.

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For a second year, Maybelline have partnered with ReachOut through our Brave Together program — a global initiative committed to destigmatising the conversation around anxiety and depression. Together, we’re helping bring access to, and awareness about, ReachOut’s one-to-one digital peer support service for young people - ReachOut PeerChat. Support will be provided to New Zealand youth through our Youthline partnership.