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 Give your makeup routine a makeover! So, you’ve nailed your foundation look, your concealing has reached the level of mastery and your lipstick has never looked better. What’s left? That’s right, time to perfect those eye makeup looks. When it comes to eye makeup, practice is everything! So even if you’re an eye makeup amateur or you’re practically an aficionado, you’ll find plenty to love in Maybelline’s eye makeup guides.

Get inspired to try new makeup ideas with these simple makeup tutorials for all things eye, including smokey eyeshadow application, cute eyeliner designs, mascara how-to guides, and perfect brows tutorial.

We’ve assembled some of our favourite eye makeup tips to help you craft an eyeshadow look for every occasion using easy to follow, step-by-step guides. Eyeshadow is such a fun way to experiment with your everyday makeup or mark a special occasion with colours that don’t enter the daily rotation. You’ll find endless inspo for future looks and straightforward techniques in our eyeshadow tips and tutorials. The ultimate smoky eye or bold, shimmery colour guide is just a click away.

For eyeliner novices, we’ve gathered some expert eye makeup tips to help you master the perfect winged liner or craft something bolder for an occasion that calls for a seriously dramatic eye makeup look. Maybelline mascaras have something of a cult following, and your lengthening, volumising and curling desires are all at your fingertips in our mascara makeup guides. Are you demystified by brows? They can be the ultimate face framer for your features, but how do you get the best out of what you’re working with? Look no further than our eyebrow makeup tutorials for all of your sculpting, defining and fluffing needs.

You’ll find everything you need in these eye makeup tutorials to elevate your makeup game and draw attention to some of your most beautiful features. check

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  • We suggest curating your makeup kit with a few eyeshadow brushes to help you craft this look. You’ll need a small, fluffy blending brush for your crease, a bigger rounded brush to disperse shadow, and a small brush with short bristles to pack on concentrated colour. Pick an eyeshadow palette with a range of darker and lighter browns to create dimension on the eyelid. Make sure you define your brows and apply a good coat of mascara. For a more in-depth guide, explore our smokey eye tutorial. We love matching our eye makeup to our outfit so it really pops! You can match with brightly coloured accessories, colours that match a particular part of your clothes, or you can take inspiration from the occasion or season. Warm, muted tones are perfect for autumn, while pink, yellow and orange hues are a hit in sunnier months. Coloured eyeliner or a pop of eyeshadow are expert ways to match your eye makeup to your outfit. The skin around the eye is very delicate so it’s important to treat it gently. Opt for micellar water or eye makeup remover and use a fresh cotton pad to gently clean the lid, lashes and around the eyes. Take your time and avoid rubbing and scrubbing! Follow this up with your usual skincare routine. For how to remove waterproof mascara, read our guide.