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Amp up your look with Maybelline's collection of bright, nude and glossy nail polishes.
With several nail colours to choose from, you can play with all the shades of the rainbow and paint the town red, black or nude. It's go time.
  • Fast Gel
    10 Shades
    Maybelline's fast drying, extreme shine nail polish formula. With a cuticle shaped brush for easy application, and long lasting formula for your best nails yet.
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There's nothing more disheartening than dedicating a full hour to achieving glossy nails, when suddenly you notice those pesky ragged edges and uneven areas. Luckily, there are simple ways to achieve smooth and even nail polish coverage. After applying your base coat (and allowing it to dry), dip the nail brush into the nail polish bottle and wipe off any excess polish onto the inside neck of the bottle. You can also test the consistency of the polish on your nail tip before starting, to ensure you knoow what you're working with. Start by applying nail polish down the centre of the nail in one even stroke. The key here is even strokes, so don't dab it on. Give it time to dry before applying your second coat, which will brighten up the colour and cover areas that are lacking that wow factor. Finish up with your top coat, and let your nail polish do the talking. To ensure the longevity of your nail colour, you can limit contact with water (for example, wearing rubber gloves when washing the dishes or completing housework). You can also incorporate a cuticle oil or cream into your daily beauty routine – just ensure you choose one that's packed with nourishing ingredients. To further protect your nail polish against chipping or peeling, you can avoid painting your cuticles (this is because the polish doesn't adhere to the skin as it does for nails), reapply top coat every few days and/or roll your nail polish bottle before using it (not shaking it). If you do find that your nails have chipped at the edge, you can gently file your nail and apply a layer of top coat to make your mani good as new. Loves it!