A lipstick that gets us through an all-you-can-eat without budging is THE DREAM, but there comes a time in every relationship when it’s time to say goodbye.  SuperStay Eraser  melts long-wear lipstick away just as quickly as it glided on. That’s right, not all heroes wear capes. Here’s why NEW SuperStay Eraser is the product you’re gonna want to meet ASAP.

✔ Applying it is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Seriously. All you need to do is swipe the eraser onto your lips. Press your lips together to let the eraser sink into your lip colour (we recommend SuperStay Matte Ink if you’re a fan of on-trend lip colour that lasts). Then simply wipe the colour away with a tissue. 

✔Excessive scrubbing can leave lips feeling dry and parched. Our SuperStay Eraser is infused with nourishing ingredients to leave your pout feeling soft and refreshed. 

✔ If you’re anything like us, you love trying all the lip colours, all the time. That means sometimes switching it up to go from day to night. No more need for bulky packs of makeup wipes! Portable and convenient, SuperStay Eraser makes it easier than ever to change long-lasting lip colour up wherever you are. 

✔ We can’t all be professional MUAs. Thanks to SuperStay Eraser, cleaning up those little mistakes is a cinch. Tried on everything in your wardrobe but still can’t decide what to wear? Eraser also means you can easily swap your lip colour when you make the inevitable last-minute outfit change.

✔ Dark lipstick is still a hot trend, but fair-skinned beauties might have been reluctant to take the plunge for fear of looking overdone. With Eraser, you can go wild with the darkest berry tints and not stress about looking like you've been blackberry picking after it's gone.