It is normal to experience the odd blemish sometimes or maybe you have an acne-prone skin type. Regardless of the frequency of your blemishes, they can be annoying when you are planning a day or night out. However, you don't need to worry! With a bit of skin prep, concealer, and foundation, you can learn how to cover up a pimple with makeup!

Learn How To Cover Acne With Makeup

How To Cover Breakouts Using Makeup

This might be the least glamourous beauty how-to you read today, but it's probably also the most useful. 

Here's how to conceal pimples with makeup in 4 easy steps! 

Step 1. Start With Fresh And Clean Skin

Before you follow these steps on how to hide pimples with makeup, make sure your skin is clean. Since your face currently has pimples and/or blemishes, it is important that you thoroughly wash your face to clean clogged pores and remove dead skin. Not only does this provide a smooth base for makeup application, but with consistency, washing your face can help improve acne-prone skin.

Follow this with a moisturiser that will protect the skin barrier whilst hydrating the skin. You can opt for moisturisers that are non-irritating on acne prone skin and won't cause them to flare up even more.

Next, use a face primer that will act as a barrier between your skin and makeup. A face primer also helps makeup stay longer on the face which means foundation and/or concealer put on the breakout area won't smudge. Use Fit Me Dewy + Smooth Primer that provides comfort and breathability whilst giving the skin a fresh, healthy glow.

Step 2. Dab Your Concealer

To directly address breakout areas, you need a concealer that can directly cover blemishes on face. The Fit Me Concealer is a great choice, having an oil free formula that conceals redness and blemishes. To cover pimples, dab the concealer wand with product onto imperfections. Use your clean ring finger to gently pat it into the skin and blend. Ensure that there is enough coverage on the pimple without it caking up around the blemish area.

Step 3. Step 3. Choose And Blend Your Foundation

Once the concealer has set and dried. Choose a medium to full coverage foundation that closely matches your skin tone. The Superstay 30H Foundation is a lightweight yet full coverage foundation that is suitable for all skin types. When applying the foundation, the aim will be not to cake your face with makeup as heavy makeup will only exacerbate the problem. Instead use a makeup sponge that is slightly damp. This ensures that you do not disrupt the areas you have concealed and provides the optimum thickness for your foundation layer. With the foundation on the makeup sponge, slowly dab around the face and pimples. You can then use more foundation to slowly go over the breakout area for more coverage and a seamless finish.

Step 4. Set It And Glow

After foundation, make sure your hard work goes the distance by setting your makeup with a face powder and/or setting spray.

This can help provide extra coverage and also prevents both the concealer and foundation separating. The Shine Free Loose Powder is oil-free, lightweight and keeps skin mattifier for hours. Apply the powder lightly over face. Discover more Face Powders that control shine and smooth skin.