How To Match Foundation Shade

When you’re shopping for foundation, you need a game plan. Unlike a statement lipstick or bold eyeshadow that just screams your name, finding the perfect foundation shade match takes a bit more effort. After all, the best foundation does its work behind the scenes. It should suit tone and texture to the point that your skin just looks like… skin.

So how do you land this happy medium? Read on for our expert tips on how to colour match foundation and find your perfect shade!
  1. Keep it natural

    The right foundation should blend seamlessly and naturally into your skin. If you have to cover every bit of your face for it to look even, chances are it’s not your perfect colour match. On the other hand, if you apply it to certain areas and it looks like you have nothing on, then you’ve hit gold. In lieu of in-store testers, we’ve made it easier than ever to discover your perfect shade from the comfort of home with our virtual try-on tool. Find a room that gets plenty of natural light and test out the different Maybelline foundations available – including all 40 Fit Me Matte + Poreless shades!

    Understand undertones

    Narrow down your foundation options by keeping your skin’s undertone in mind. While it’s reasonably simple to determine where you sit on the shade spectrum, undertones should help guide your final choice. Are you warm, cool, or neutral? 

    Warm tones have golden-yellow traces in their complexion, while cool tones have more of a red-pink hue. Neutral, much like combination skin, means you sit somewhere between the two. There are several tells that will help you decide what category you fall into, including your reaction to the sun, the type of jewellery that best suits you, even the colour of your veins! 

    Take our Foundation Finder quiz to skip the guesswork – we’ll have your undertone, Maybelline foundation and shade number matched in no time.

  2. The Internet is your friend

    Just like every other beauty buy, you have to do your due diligence before you even think about adding to cart! Google is your best friend, especially now that in-store testers are off the table. Read up on different formulas and finishes and whether they pull off true-to-you tones. You'll find reviews on all Maybelline foundations at the bottom of each product page. And for some unbiased foundation reviews and test swatches, head to YouTube and see what The Makeup Loft has to offer!

    Best of three

    While it’s tempting to just grab the shade that looks right on the surface or go with a shade name you recognise, it’s always better to try before you buy (virtually, that is). The best technique is to choose the best of three. Simply narrow it down to your top three shades and use our virtual try-on tool to give them a test drive.

  3. Go with the seasons

    Even if you wear sunscreen daily (and that’s all of you… right?) it’s still a good idea to get shade matched seasonally. The likelihood is that your complexion will change from winter to summer and the one foundation shade won’t work all year round. If your base starts looking a little off-base, it’s time to get re-matched. And as you go through those seasonal shifts, it’s worth remembering the average shelf life of foundation is two years.