How TO:
Cover Breakouts

Whether you suffer from acne, rosacea or the odd blemish, Claire Howell dishes on her pimple-masking makeup tips so you can cover every type of breakout.



Learn to Cover Up Breakouts

Claire Shows Us How!


How To Cover Breakouts
Using Makeup

This might be the least glamourous beauty how-to you read today, but it's probably also the most useful. 

Here's how to cover acne with makeup in 4 easy steps! 

Step 1. Start Fresh
Make sure your skin is clean and properly hydrated to give your makeup the right surface to work its magic! Use Master Prime Illuminating Primer to give skin a fresh, healthy glow. 

Step 2. Blend Your Foundation
This may sound counterintuitive, but opt for a combination of full-coverage foundation and primer instead of going for all out coverage. Heavy makeup will only exacerbate the problem - while skin-matching will lessen the obviousness of it. Mix Superstay 24H Foundation and primer for an even layer of coverage. 

Step 3. Dab At It

To directly address breakout areas, you need foundation and concealer with a dry, thickish consistency. Dab on Superstay 24H Foundation with a sponge, lightly tapping the problem areas. Next, go in with Fit Me Concealer, pushing the product down instead of blending it in. Be sure not to cover any of the good skin around the pimples to avoid cake face.  

Step 4. Set It And Glow
After application, make sure your hard work goes the distance by setting your makeup with Shine Free Loose Powder (or any powder foundation of your choice if extra coverage is needed).


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