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Mascaras are the ultimate must-have in any makeup kit. Maybelline's mascaras are renowned for good reason – so whether your look calls for natural lashes or full-on drama, you’ll find your favourite mascara from Maybelline using our mascara tutorials.

Mascara care and application might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised by what you can achieve with the right mascara formula for your lashes. Ever wanted to know what a mascara wand shape can do for your lashes? How about how to lengthen and volumise the look of your lashes? Or how to remove waterproof mascara? Our mascara tips and tutorials have it all!

Mascara is often the key to making us look awake, so learning how best to apply it is a huge advantage to all makeup lovers! Kickstart the search for your next ride-or-die formula and get inspiration from Maybelline’s go-to mascara guides.

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  • First things first, identify your overarching lash concern: sparse, short, stubbornly straight, uneven. From there, you can easily figure out which Maybelline mascara is going to help you achieve your lash goals and get enviable length, volume, tint, lift and curl. Depending on the lash goal of each formula, our mascara wands vary in shape and size to make it easier for you to get your dream lashes every day!

    We know the value of a face primer in our makeup routines, but did you know you can use mascara primer to improve the longevity of your mascara? You can apply our Lash Sensational® Sky High Mascara Primer to prep the lashes for mascara to enhance lift, volume and length of wear. This is even formulated with ceremide and vitamin B, so not only with you love it, your lashes will too!

    When you apply mascara, make sure to twist the wand out of the tube and wipe the excess product. Think of this as the equivalent of tapping off eyeshadow excess. This will prevent your mascara from clumping in one place when you apply. Remember, go slow, and if you make a smudge, let it fully try before wiping it off. When you finish your makeup, a setting spray will also help to keep everything in place for the day ahead, including lashes!

    This can be so tricky, particularly if you have long lower lashes! Feel free to apply your mascara primer to your bottom lashes as well, this will help keep your application smooth. We recommend holding your mascara wand vertically when you apply. This will help control the amount of product that goes on each lash to prevent them from clumping together. Move slowly across the bottom lash line. While we typically recommend completing your eye makeup before foundation and concealer to avoid product fallout, you may want to apply your under-eye concealer before going in with mascara on your bottom line. Applying your concealer or foundation directly after coating your bottom lashes could smudge the product and undo your deft handiwork.