Eyeliner Makeup Tutorials


Get inspired by Maybelline's iconic eyeliner looks and gorgeous eyeliner designs. Learn how to master the perfect top eyeliner technique whether you’re using semi-permanent eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner or gel eyeliner. Some eyeshadow looks – particularly when using vibrant hues or dramatic colours – look incomplete with a sharp little wing or a sleek tight line. Since you can’t possibly leave your eyeshadow looking lonely, we’ve got eyeliner guides on how to do a winged look and how to apply eyeliner under eyes, too!

For the eyeliner novices out there, applying eyeliner can be a little nerve-wracking when you’re hastily getting ready for work or painstakingly crafting your look for a night out. Smudged eyeliner or a wayward wing leads to frustration and, more often than not, starting your makeup over again from scratch. Yes, sometimes even the rest of our makeup base if we’ve opted to roll the dice and apply our eye makeup after foundation.

Nobody expects you to free-hand winged liner right off the bat – save that level of sorcery for when you’ve perfected your steady hand. Don’t worry, our eyeliner tutorials are here to guide you through until you pick up speed and confidence. As with any makeup technique, perfecting eyeliner application takes time and regular practice.

Not only will these eyeliner tutorials have you applying your eyeliner like a pro, but our eyeliner tips will also help you decide what type of eyeliner you prefer for certain looks: pencil, liquid, gel, cream pencil or something semi-permanent. Maybelline has all of your favourite formulas on hand so you can start practising your flicks, wings and sweeps for your next special occasion.

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  • There are a few different eyeliner formulas to choose from: pencil (traditional or creamy crayon), liquid and gel. Pencil is a great option for newbies since it doesn’t require the same precision that gel or liquid does. However, once you gain confidence, liquid and gel liner can help you achieve crisper lines which is great for a bold eye look. Liquid and pencil don’t require tools but to apply gel liner from a pot you will need a short, angled brush with tight bristles.

    Before diving into the specifics or wings, tightlines and waterlines, you might find it helpful to identify your eye shape. This will help narrow down your choices when it comes to eyeliner styles. While we fully support complete freedom and expression when it comes to makeup, certain eyeliner styles enhance your natural features, while other styles can detract from them.

    Do you have almond-shaped eyes? Hooded eyes? Monolids? Take a look in the mirror and note down what you see. The placement of your eyeliner will depend on the shape of your eyes, the fold of your eyelid and space between your lash line and eyebrow. Once you’ve worked this out, it will make your eyeliner application a lot swifter and help accentuate the unique shape of your eyes.

    Some of the best advice we can impart from our eyeliner guides is to finish your eye makeup before applying your foundation. This gives you a bit more licence to make mistakes and fix them up quickly with a wet cotton bud or wipe. Second, fake it till you make it wing tape! This will help you get a sharp wing until you get more practiced at free hand.