Eyeshadow makeup tutorials


When it comes to makeup, there is no territory richer or riper for experimentation than eyeshadow. It’s a world that welcomes all: minimalists, maximalists, newbies and pros alike. And if you’ve landed here, that means you’re probably looking for inspiration and a little know-how on the art of the eye. Well, you've come to the right place – read on for Maybelline's beauty expert-approved eyeshadow tutorials and tips!

At Maybelline, we love an everyday, natural makeup look that also utilises neutral brown shades, earthy hues, shimmers and pops of colour. Just because you’re heading out to the office or your evening hospo shift, doesn’t mean you can have fun with your makeup!

Explore our eyeshadow guides for some of our favourite eyeshadow tips and tutorials, covering everything from nailing how to apply eyeshadow to mastering the blue shadow look. Discover, enjoy, and be inspired!

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  • At Maybelline, we’re all about self-expression through colour, so don’t ever feel restricted in your eyeshadow choices! However, if you do feel like crafting eyeshadow looks that complement your skin tone, we have a few handy eyeshadow tips to get you started.

    Fair skin tones are often complemented by softer colours like gold, champagne and taupe. Medium skin tones can typically opt for bolder hues, and metallic shades are often a winner. Dark skin tones are usually perfect for vibrant pigmentated colour that really stands out – think green, purple or copper.

    To begin with, you’re going to need a few staple brushes in your eyeshadow essentials kit. We love the triple-threat combo of a fluffy crease brush, an all-over eyeshadow brush and a short-bristled eyeshadow brush. Your all-over eyeshadow brush is great for brushing shadow across the entire lid while being fluffy enough to blend. Meanwhile, the short brush is ideal for packing on concentrated shadow like dark shades in your outer corner. Your fluffy crease brush is your holy grail for all things blending to help soften the edges of your eyeshadow and create a seamless harmony between dark, transition and shimmer shades. After your kit is sorted, here are our eyeshadow blending tips:

    • Tapping off the excess shadow from your brush isn’t just for fun, it seriously works! This helps to minimise eyeshadow fallout on your cheeks and under eyes and allows for a more even distribution of product.
    • Holding the brush too close to the bristles means you will distribute a concentrated amount of product on the eyelid. Instead, we recommend holding closer to the end of your brush for a softer blend.
    • In terms of blending technique, you’ll want to use a combination of sweeping motions to cover the length of the eye as well as circular motions to keep your shadow from going in just the one direction.

    And if all else fails, remember that adage: when in doubt, blend it out! Check out our guide on how to do a smokey eye to learn more.