1. Choose Your Formula and Finish

    Not all foundations are created equal. Start by considering what kind of finish you’re after: semi-matte, matte or dewy. Semi-matte gives you the most natural finish and is a great entry-level foundation. Matte foundations tend to absorb oil and give a more airbrushed finish, while on the other end of the spectrum, dewy formulas give your face a subtle healthy glow. To get your desired coverage, work in layers. Look for buildable formulas that’ll let you work up to a seamless result.


    Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation for a semi-matte finish
    SuperStay 30HR Foundation for a matte finish

  2. Do Your Prep Work

    Behind every budge-proof base is a primer. The unsung hero of every look, these silicon or water-based formulas hydrate your skin and increase your foundation’s staying power. They also come with a range of extra beauty benefits ranging from evening out skin tone and brightening your complexion. Primer is your first port of call - apply directly after your skincare routine, and before you reach for any other makeup products!


    Fit Me Dewy + Smooth Hydrating Primer for extra hydration
    Instant Pore Eraser® to help minimise pores

  3. The Best Way To Apply Foundation

    First, you’ll need a brush. Use one with synthetic hairs as they aren’t as porous and will absorb a smaller amount of product. Apply one or two pumps of foundation to the back of your non-dominant hand and dip your brush into the foundation, gently buffing it into your skin. Work from the centre of your face, moving outwards in downward strokes to get the smoothest application possible.

  4. Set & Forget

    If you have combination or oily skin, opt for a finishing powder to set your look, focusing on the T-zone. For more dry skin, a liquid setting spray should do the trick. Hold it at arm’s length and give it a good few spritzes. Allow the spray to dry naturally – don’t attempt to rub it in.

    Master Fix Setting & Perfecting Loose Powder
    Lasting Fix Setting Spray


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