The Lazy Girl Mascara Hacks

Do you love the look of voluminous, dramatic lashes but hate the hassle of putting on false eyelashes? If so, Sydney-based makeup artist and content creator Rowi Singh is here to deliver some of her favourite mascara tricks for getting long, bold lashes.

In the below video tutorial, Rowi uses Maybelline’s Colossal Big Shot™ Washable Mascara to add intense volume and length to her lashes. We can think of The Colossal Big Shot™ as the ultimate mascara hack since it has a collagen-based formula and unique, wavy bristles to create big, eye-catching volume. If you’re looking for a trusty replacement for false eyelashes, this is it!

To complete the rest of Rowi’s look at home, you’ll need the Instant Age Rewind® Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer to prime your eyelids, the Burgundy Bar Eyeshadow Palette, Master Chrome Highlighter, an eyelash curler, and your choice of brushes for blending out your shades and applying your highlighter. Now, you’re ready for your next night out!


Tired of your swipe-and-go mascara routine? Want to create mile-long lashes that blow falsies out of the water? Keep watching - Rowi Singh is here to show you how to get more out of your mascara!

Layering different mascaras is the perfect method to give you that false lash fullness, lift and curl without actually having to apply false eyelashes. Thankfully, perfecting how to layer mascaras is actually quite simple – you just need to know the types of mascara that complement each other. First you can curl your lashes with a curling wand, then follow this up with a lash primer to prep your lashes for the first coat of mascara. Next, apply a volumising mascara to help plump your lashes from root to tip. And lastly, you’ll want to apply a coat of lengthening mascara to balance out all that volume you just created.

The trick to layering mascara is to make sure you don’t use too many layers, or the lashes may work against you and start clumping together. You’ll also want to take your time between coats so they dry properly, but not too long that the lashes become brittle (this makes them harder to coat). Twenty to thirty seconds should do the trick!

Ah, the lower lashes. When it comes to eye makeup, most of us are probably guilty of neglecting our bottom lashes. However, applying mascara to your bottom lashes can draw attention to the area and open up the eye further. Lash primer will help prevent clumping of the delicate lower lashes, so start by applying a single coat. The type of mascara wand you use on your top lashes might not be the right fit for your lower lashes, so opt for a smaller wand with shorter bristles to evenly coat the lower lash line. Our ultimate mascara hacks for your lower lash line are to go slow and avoid wiping any accidental smudges before they dry. Some people like to turn their mascara wand vertical to allow for more precise application – you might like this method too!