• What’s in your makeup kit is ultimately up to you, but there are a few basic tools and products that we think nobody should live without! To follow along with these makeup tutorials, we suggest investing in your face base of choice, i.e., a foundation or BB cream that has a formula that complements your skin type – dry, oily, combination, etc. We also suggest investing in a primer, powder and setting spray to keep your makeup flawless throughout the day. Next, we recommend a concealer, a blush for subtle colour (bronzer totally optional!), eyebrow pencil or gel, mascara, eyeliner, and your favourite eyeshadow palette and lipstick makeup. The essential tools you’ll need to follow along are a blending sponge or foundation brush (though you can use your fingers if you’re so inclined!), and a small flat brush and fluffy brush for applying and blending out your eyeshadow. Making lips look fuller is all about creating the illusion of more volume. This can be achieved by overlining the lip just outside of the natural lip line and strategically adding dimension and light to parts of the lip to make them look plumper. If opting for a nude lip, reach for a lip liner colour just one shade darker than your actual lips. Line above the cupid’s bow, then the outer corners, then the rest of the lip. Follow this up with a similar tone lipstick and then coat the centre of your lips in gloss to create enviable shine and fullness. Our key makeup tips for getting that flawless finish is to ensure your skin is well moisturised and primed. This will create a smooth canvas for your makeup application. Make sure you’ve selected a foundation formula and texture that’s right for your skin, i.e., matte for oily skin and dewy for dry. Build up slowly for effortless coverage that doesn’t cake – remember, you can always add more! We recommend applying concealer over foundation. When it comes to powder, the tool you use to apply is going to dictate your results. For example, those prone to dry, flaky patches will prefer a loose, lightweight setting powder dusted on with a brush. Oiler skin types may prefer using mattifying powder. Finish everything off with a misting of setting spray to lock it all in.