What’s the one makeup item you couldn’t live without? Mascara, hands down.

Whether you favour full face glam or a natural, no-makeup makeup approach, mascara is the icing on the cake of any look. And there are so many types to choose from! Volumising mascara, tubing mascara, lengthening fibre mascara… the list is never ending, which makes it so important to find the right one for you. No one does mascara like Maybelline, and our formulas are as tailored as a skincare regime and as customisable as any outfit. 

Ready to open your eyes to a brand new look? Read on for how to find the perfect mascara for you.


The Best Mascara According To Lash Type


SHORT LASHES: Stubby lashes are no match for a wand with thick bristles! A bristled-up brush like Lash Sensational Mascara will hold more product and capture each and every lash for a flawless flutter. 

SPARSE LASHES: Have fine lashes? Look for a rounder brush and a formula with lash-thickening fibres to lengthen and plump. 

HARD TO CURL LASHES: If your lashes are stubbornly straight, your best bet is an eyelash curler and Colossal Curl Bounce Volume Mascara.  Align the curve of the brush to your lids and brush up to get the best curl. Just before it fully dries, use the tips of your fingers to push back your lashes to take your lashes to new heights.

LONG LASHES: Enhance your natural length with a curling mascara formula. Adding lift and curl to your lashes, concentrate the formula on your outer lashes for a cat eye effect. Explore our range of curling mascaras to find the perfect one for you!

UNEVEN LASHES: Erratic lash length often stems from previous damage from falsies or lash extensions. The solution? Look for formulas with precious oils and pro- keratin to nourish and promote growth. The Falsies Lash Mask ticks all the boxes for a little lash TLC. For brush length, you’ll want a bigger brush with a tapered centre to create a starburst effect that hides any unevenness.

The Best Mascara According To Lash Look

Maybelline The Falsies Lash Lift Mascaras in front of purple background

NATURAL LASHES: For a more natural look, a tube-shaped wand will do the trick. Look for shorter bristles that will hold less product. Snapscara Mascara is a fuss-free, foolproof option that glides on smooth for clean, clump-free volume. Oh, and it comes off in a snap too!

LIFTED, LENGTHENED LASHES: To achieve your lash goals, choose a fibre-formula with a finely bristled spiral brush – almost like a comb. This will separate your lashes nicely while adding length. Avoid clumping by running the brush straight from the base to tip. No wiggling! For a salon-style lash lift effect, The Falsies Lash Lift Mascara is an absolute must.

DRAMATIC, BOLD LASHES: Leave your falsies (and lash damage) at the door! All you need is a mascara with a dense brush and volumising formula. Wiggle the brush through your lashes and be sure to deposit most of the mascara at the base of your lashes. Our recommendation for bigger-is-better lashes that live for the drama? Colossal Mascara. Its ultra-volumising formula delivers on the full glam you crave, - without clumps or flakes.


Don't know what look to go for?

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