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Picking the right mascara can be a daunting task. With so many different tubes to choose from, it can be tricky to figure out which exact product will be the key to achieving the mascara looks you’re after. From the product ingredients to the shape of the wand, there are many factors to consider when picking a mascara. But don’t fret: whether your goal is long, separated doll lashes or a thick and defined cat eye, we’ve got you covered with our breakdown of all of the different types of mascara and what they can do for you.



Throughout history, women have been using products to make their eyelashes appear thicker and darker. Luckily today we have mascara: a quick and easy way to achieve long, luscious and fluttery lashes. A good mascara can mean a world of difference for your makeup – it can transform a casual, everyday look into all-out glam with just a few strokes. But not all mascaras are made the same. To save you from ending up with a product that might not suit your needs, we’re sharing our best mascara tips.



The formula of the mascara and the shape of the wand are the two big factors that will impact how your mascara looks. Different ingredients, such as certain oils, waxes, and fibres will influence the style and wearability of your mascara. Read on to learn about the types of mascara and what it means for your makeup look.



Volumising mascara: This type of mascara will add thickness to your lashes, making them appear bolder and fuller. It makes the eye pop and adds definition, without all the fuss of falsies. Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara is a great choice to bring the drama, as it is formulated with precious oils for a voluminous look.

Lengthening mascara: If you have lots of lashes but they tend to be on the shorter side, a lengthening mascara might be the best choice for you. They are typically made with tiny fibres that adhere to your natural eyelashes and extend them, making them appear significantly longer.

Waterproof mascara: Designed to withstand a heartbreaking movie, intense workout or even a dip in the pool, waterproof mascara is no joke. It is made with specialized waxes and silicones to prevent any slippage or smudging, whatever the day may bring.

Clear mascara: To many of us, mascara without any pigment may seem kind of counter intuitive. So, what does clear mascara do? It’s actually great for holding lashes in place after they have been styled. It makes them look wet and glossy, which is just perfect for those no makeup-makeup looks. 

Curling mascara: Curling your eyelashes is an extra step in your makeup routine, and some mornings there’s just no time for that! On those days, a curling mascara is your new best friend. It will lift your lashes elegantly upwards while adding thickness and length.



A good mascara wand can be the difference between luscious, full coverage and spindly, clumpy lashes. When on the hunt for your perfect product, don’t forget to take the mascara wand into account. 

Cone: The cone-shaped brush is designed for even application. The tapered shape means the lashes on the tricky-to-reach corners of your eyes will get just as much love as the ones in the centre.

Curved: This type of brush is the best for adding a graceful swoop to your lashes. After using your eyelash curler, apply mascara with a curved brush to lock the curl in place.

Pointed: A pointed brush has a dual function. Apply your mascara as usual, then use the pointed tip to add extra intensity where needed. 

Mega: The bigger the brush, the quicker the application. The mega brush allows you to achieve wow-factor lashes in just a few swipes. If that’s what you’re looking for, try the Volum’ Express Colossal 36 Hour Volumising Mascara.

Bristle: If you’re looking for a boost of volume, bristle brushes are where it’s at. This type of wand will coat every angle of your lash for a full and fluttery look. 

Shaped plastic: No clumping here! Brushes made from small plastic nubs are the best option for defined, separated lashes.




This really depends on your natural set of lashes and your unique lash goals. Whether you’re on the hunt for the best natural looking mascara or the best mascara for false lash look, we’ve got you sorted with our personalised suggestions.


What is the best mascara for sensitive eyes?

There’s nothing worse than finishing a beautiful face of makeup only to discover your eyes have become red and watery. For those with sensitive eyes, a mascara with a bristle brush is going to be the best option. The Classic Volum’ Express Mascara is a safe bet for gorgeous lashes without any tears. If you’re tossing up between a washable or waterproof mascara, we recommend sticking to the washable option. Waterproof mascaras require a more extensive removal process, which you might want to avoid if you’re prone to irritation.


What is the best mascara for volume and length?

Most people are looking for a product that will bring the boost. If long, feathery lashes are what you’re after, Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara is an absolute must. Infused with bamboo extract, it has everything you need for a luxe look. For those who want intensity, the Falsies Lash Lift Volumising Mascara has everything you need for the ultimate set of lashes, no glue required.


What is the best mascara for curling lashes?

One of the most underrated types of mascara, a curling product is great for a natural and romantic look. To add that celebrity swoop to your lashes, try the Colossal Curl Bounce Volume Mascara. It is designed with the signature Memory Curl Formula, so putting it on after curling will ensure bold and bouncy lashes for up to 24 hours.


For advice on the best natural looking mascara for your lash type, check out our article on how to pick the perfect mascara or try our quick mascara quiz for more personalised suggestions.