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Eyeshadow is a must-have beauty fundamental and learning how to apply it is a key makeup lesson you need to elevate your eye game. Wearing eyeshadow can transform your features and add instant glam to your look – but it can be tricky to strike the balance between an eye look that makes an impact while being soft and wearable for every day. To learn how to match, shape and blend eyeshadow with Maybelline, follow our tips below and create the perfect eye makeup look.

The best eyeshadow colour combinations

For eyeshadow newbies and experts alike, colour selection is a great place to start.  Maybelline’s Nudes of New York Eyeshadow Palette makes picking colours easy, with 16 stunning shades that you can mix and match to flatter any skin tone. Here are some pointers to make sure your eye shadow colour combinations are always flawless:

1. Match two shades within the same colour family i.e. a pinky blush with a deep crimson.
2. Experiment with combining warm tones or cool tones together, i.e. orange and gold or purple and blue.
3. Create a neutral base to highlight a single pop of colour i.e. a neon or jewel shade.

Makeup is an art, and that means there are no rules – even when it comes to eye shadow. With the correct blending technique, you can make any colour combo under the sun work for you. But if you prefer some tried and true combinations, a palette like our Burgundy Bar Eye Shadow Palette could be right for you. For something more saturated (not to mention citrus-scented), our Lemonade Craze Eye Shadow Palette is another top pick.

Let’s talk tools and brushes

If you’ve ever snuck a glance into a makeup artist’s kit, you’ll have seen an array of makeup brushes in every size and shape imaginable. Thankfully, to achieve an expertly blended soft glam look, there are only two eye shadow brushes you’ll need to get the job done. 

• Flat Shader Brush: a small, flat brush that picks the product up well. This can apply eye shadow to your eyelid evenly. 

• Blending Brush: a fluffy brush designed to loosen the eye shadow and blend the colours into each other for a seamless transition. 

It’s good to have a few brushes on hand to create the exact look you’re going for, but these basics will help you achieve a fierce beginner’s eye shadow look.

Step-by-step guide for applying eye shadow

Let’s break down a simple eye shadow look that you can recreate at home. Follow these steps to create soft glam makeup with staying power that’ll keep you looking flawless from your favourite brunch spot, to the office, to that bar you’ve been meaning to try.
  1. Prime your eyelids

    Priming your eyelids will create a flawless base for the colours and contours. It creates a smooth canvas for the eye shadow, and its texture creates an adhesive base that keeps the eye shadow in place for longer. Apply two dots of primer onto the lid and use a makeup sponge or your fingers to blend across the eyes.

  2. Use a bolder colour on the outer corners

    Using a flat brush, apply a deeper tone to the outer corners of the eyes to deepen and define your look. When applying eyeshadow, take the colour halfway across the eyelid and pack the colour on lightly. Join the colour with the crease for a seamless blend. Using this same colour and brush, mirror the eyeshadow beneath the eyes for a smoky effect.

  3. Choose a shimmer for the centre of the eyelids

    Give your eyes a pop of colour and choose a shimmery, lighter colour for the centre of the eyelids. Gently apply with a fluffy brush and sweep the colour across the middle of the eyes. If the colours are looking harsh against each other, use a blending brush to lightly merge the colours. Avoid over-blending, you still want to have definition between each colour, however, there should be a subtle transition.

    Tip: Tap off any excess product before applying, you can always build the colour if desired.

  4. Complete the look with eyeliner and mascara

    Tying your eyeshadow look together, apply a black gel eyeliner along the lower lash line, you can use a smudge brush or your fingers to lightly soften the makeup and create a soft line. Apply the Tattoo Studio Smokey Gel Pencil eyeliner on the top lash line to frame the eyes and make them pop. 

    Follow this with two to three coats of mascara for a complete look. Try Maybelline’s The Falsies Lash Lift Volumising Mascara for long and defined lashes.

    The Falsies Lash Lift Volumising Mascara
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